2019 Football Homecoming

Homecoming Update: This communication is intended to clear up some possible confusion regarding dress for dances.  As the handbook states, “students are expected to dress appropriately and in keeping with our Catholic values”.  Last spring a committee was formed to look at possible additions to the current policy.  It was decided that the policy was vague regarding the particulars of what would be appropriate for school dances.   As we approach our first dance please know that these guidelines are not official school policy.  As always, if there is a question regarding the appropriateness of an outfit, it can be approved prior to the event, but a good rule of thumb is if there is doubt, make an alternative selection.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call.  Thank you for patience and understanding as we take this year to evaluate these guidelines and their effectiveness.    

Homecoming Student Dress Code Reminder: As you begin your Homecoming Dress Shopping please be mindful that the length of dresses should be no shorter than two inches above the knee. Dress tops should be no lower than four closed-finger widths from collar bone with no plunging neckline.

Homecoming will be Friday, September 27th with the coronation at 5:30pm before the game. The dance will be held after the game. The Theme is Sequins and Bow Ties.