Logo Update

For Immediate Release: 7/23/18

It’s been a while since the votes were cast for the logo and if you voted I want to thank you for your participation. I want to also thank the committee members who helped with this process and Crossland Construction’s graphic arts department for lending their expertise. Additional thanks goes to parishioner Matt Wilbert, who time and again has donated his time and talent to our parish and is the artist responsible for our SMC cross, a much admired brand of our school.

As a result of this process, no clear consensus was reached and we realized just how cherished the current logo is to the SMC family. Additionally, although Fr. Mike had a great role in this discussion, our new Pastor Fr. Jerome asked what many of you asked, “Why change?” I told him that we were following Faith Forward Goal 4, which asks for the “consistent message and branding” of our schools. We wanted to make sure that whatever panther logo was chosen represented our school faithfully. Upon further reflection, it was determined that our current logo meets this goal and will be our consistent brand for the foreseeable future. If this becomes problematic legally or otherwise, we will address it at that time.

Thank you for your input and most of all, your patience through this process. As with most school logos, there are many opinions and emotions attached to them. I hope you feel these opinions have been heard and these emotions acknowledged. Thank you!

To request or use this logo, please contact Jess Nicholson, Communications & Marketing Coordinator, at nicholsonj@OLLsmc.com or 231.2135.