Canvas and PowerSchool

With the official unveiling of the Canvas observer accounts for parents, we have had some questions about the roles of PowerSchool and Canvas in the recording of assignments and grades.  PowerSchool and Canvas have two, distinct purposes:

Canvas is a learning management system.  It is used by teachers to post course content, including assignments, quizzes, and tests.  It also allows teachers and students to communicate with each other in a system that is not open to the entire internet community.  Canvas will be replacing the teacher pages that were formerly on the parish/school website.  Teachers will be posting assignments, syllabi, newsletters, and other information in Canvas.  To stay abreast of this information, parents are strongly encouraged to create a parent/observer account.

PowerSchool is a student information system.  It is used to store important information that allows teachers and administrators to record vital demographic and academic information that is needed for the many state and diocesan reports school administrators must submit each school year.  In the Diocese of Wichita PowerSchool is the official academic record for all diocesan schools.  School staff print all grade cards and transcripts from PowerSchool.  Parents should check their PowerSchool Parent Portals frequently to stay informed of their child's academic progress.

One way for parents and students to think of the difference between PowerSchool and Canvas is that PowerSchool is the teachers' gradebook.  Canvas is an extension of the students textbook and the teachers' lesson plan book.  If you have questions about setting up your PowerSchool Parent Portal or your Canvas observer’s account, contact Mr. Compton at