Liturgical Ministers

  • Altar Servers - Youth in our parish serve at Sunday Masses to assist the priest in the celebration of the liturgy. They will serve as acolytes and cross bearer during the processional and recessional as well as active participants in the liturgy. Training is conducted for altar servers and a monthly schedule is made for families to know service in advance.
  • Eucharistic Ministers - A practicing Catholic of faith and prayer may request to serve as a Eucharistic Minister. Special training is required by a Priest to serve as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion to distribute the Body of Christ during Masses with love and devotion. A monthly schedule is created and volunteers are asked to serve during a Mass if assigned person does not show up.
  • Homebound/Care Centers -Eucharistic Ministers are needed for an important outreach ministry to our care centers and homebound parishioners. Following 8am Mass on Saturday, Holy Communion is brought to them in four different routes around Pittsburg. The hope is to have enough Eucharistic Ministers to only have a route once a month. This is a tremendous gift of hospitality and service to help those who cannot get out to attend Mass any longer.
  • Gift Bearers - Families are assigned on a regular schedule to deliver the gifts to the priest at the altar during Sunday Masses. This ministry is treated with reverence and respect as representatives carry the unleavened bread and wine that will be consecrated to become the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. A schedule is made monthly.
  • Lectors - Volunteers with a good speaking voice share the Word of God during Sunday Masses. Lectors receive training on a periodic basis and are asked to practice in advance as they are sharing the Word of God for all to hear as you are the story-teller. Lectors are assigned on a monthly rotation schedule and you should contact a replacement if unable to serve.
  • Sacristans - These important servants of God help the priest prepare for Mass by making arrangements necessary in the celebration of the Mass, including the set up the credence table, set up the gift table in back of church and various other tasks before or after the Masses,
  • Ushering - An usher serves an vital role in our church from directing parishioners and visitors to seats, passing the collection baskets, securing the offertory donations and passing out bulletins after Masses. A head usher makes sure there are enough ushers in place for that Mass and coordinates their ministry.