Eucharistic Adoration

Volunteers commit to a weekly uninterrupted prayer hour with the Blessed Sacrament at Christ the King Chapel at 821 N Locust St. Hours are available Monday 6am through Friday 5pm. It’s a wonderful way to improve your prayer life & relationship with Jesus Christ! ! Communication is done via email, phone calls, & texts. Substitutes are also welcome and needed.

What Do People Do During an Hour of Adoration?

  • Pray....Read....Meditate....Listen....Reflect.....Rest

Benefits of an Adoration Hour:

  • 'One on One' with Jesus
  • Deepening of your prayer life
  • Regular commitment to pray for those you love
  • No distractions

Please take a few moments to reflect on the possibility of spending one hour each week of uninterrupted time with Jesus.  If you don't think you can commit to doing it weekly contemplate getting a group of fellow teachers, spouses, friends to rotate the hour of adoration.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Karen Simone at 620-704-0099.

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You may also contact Karen Simone at or 620.704.0099 for more information.