Eucharistic Adoration Chapel Encouragement

What will heaven be like?  This is a common question of many in our world.  A simple answer is, “spending eternity beholding the face of God.”  The gift of Eucharistic Adoration allows us to essentially do this in advance here on earth!  Obviously when we spend time in prayer with Jesus in adoration we are looking at Him through the veil of the consecrated Host, but He is in fact truly present!  We know that Eucharistic Adoration is often referred to as the “beating heart” of a parish or community because it is where much communal and private prayer occurs.  Countless vocations to the religious life and dedication to spousal love often originate in these small, quiet, sanctuaries from the world.  Often I love to just spend quiet time with Jesus or read some advice to best follow the way of Christ through Scripture, a Rosary, saint’s words or biography, or Catechism of the Catholic Church.  We firmly believe that one reason our Diocese is so strong is because we have 14 perpetual chapels throughout the area.

We are excited to announce that we will be trying something new once a month in this regard.  We thought we’d offer on the 2nd Wednesday of each month an opportunity for the whole parish to gather in the church from 9am—9pm, bringing the monthly adorers over as well, allowing for a larger gathering as well as the opportunity to receive Benediction (blessing from Jesus) at 9pm.  This will dovetail nicely with the monthly Youth Group Adoration from 8pm-9pm.  We welcome you to sign up for an hour anytime during the week (see the open ones on the inside cover of the bulletin); it’s only 1% of the time during a week!  Can you give God 1% of the time He’d given to you?  In eternity, we’ll have plenty; let’s use some of it to connect with God now.