Pilgrimage of the Plains

September 14 • 8am • Greenbush to St. Paul

Why A Pilgrimage? Christ was the total pilgrim who journeyed from the Father to the hearts of mankind. On the Pilgrimage of the Plains we will gather as a community with our one goal being to grow closer to the heart of God.

Distance 12 miles start to finish, but if you’d like to join us later we will have a meeting point 3 miles from the finish.

The Plan The Pilgrimage begins at St. Aloysius Church in Greenbush, KS with a rosary at 8am as we start walking. We will conclude with mass at St. Francis Church in St. Paul, KS. After mass, lunch will be provided.

This is a parish/community event. All are welcomed and we encourage family participation!

After registration, more details will be sent via email.

For more information or questions, contact: kapaunsmen@ollsmc.com

Can’t make the walk? We will miss you but would love to carry your prayers with us, for YOU!

You may submit a prayer request online. All requests will be kept confidential. (Physical cards will be made available soon.)

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