Prayer & Action

A Mission Experience in our own backyard!

What is Prayer & Action?  Prayer and Action provides meaningful opportunities for high school aged students and their adult leaders to do mission work within the boundaries of our diocese. We are the chosen rural parish in the eastern part of the diocese.  
We have two separate sessions: July 9-13 and July 16-20.  
The sessions are facilitated by a small mission team comprised of young adults and seminarians.  It is an opportunity to participate in meaningful community service, prayer and fellowship.  Participants begin and end each day in prayer, volunteer at sites near the parish, prepare and share meals together and enjoy fun activities during social time.

What do Prayer & Action mission teams do?
Yard Work
Minor Repairs

Do you have any projects like these at your home needing some care?  
Do you know someone in your neighborhood, community, or our parish family who could use some help?

Applicants do not need to be Catholic to apply.

We want to hear from you!! 

Complete the Potential Work Sites Form below by Friday, June 29.
Forms may also be printed and returned to the parish office.
Questions? Call the parish office at 620.231.2135

Parishioners  are invited to donate snacks and goodies for groups, financial donations to off-set cost of paint and purchased supplies, and to pray for all participants.  These can be dropped off at the parish office. 

Prayer & Action Potential Work Sites

Phone *
Address of home/work site *
Address of home/work site
If exterior of house, please indicate size:
Please indicate any materials that the homeowner/agency can provide for the work needed:
Will the participants have access to a working bathroom? *
Will the homeowners be at the work site during work hours?
Will there be a garage or space to store supplies overnight?

Thank you for allowing the Prayer & Action participants to serve you! Please know that the team will complete as many projects as possible, but may not get to your project. You will be contacted by the parish in the case that the team is unable to serve your needs at this time.

Or download a PDF of this form here: Prayer & Action Potential Work Sites