St. Mary's Colgan Catholic Schools

Elementary School Principal: Nancy Hicks 231-6941
Junior High & High School Principal: David Stephenson 231-4690

We assist parents in teaching the Catholic faith through an environment that challenges students academically, expects high standards of Christian behavior and stewardship, and cultivates the development of the whole person.

  • SMC Booster Club                        
    Booster Club welcomes anyone interested in supporting our students in their athletic endeavors through efforts that assist in the purchase of athletic equipment as well as addressing other needs of our sports programs. Booster Club achieves this through the hard work of its members in the form of developing an annual fall sports program, hosting a pre-season athletic picnic/presentation of the sports teams, as well as other projects both large and small. With this being a volunteer based operation, involvement by its members is critical to its success and ability to faithfully serve our students. Board meetings are monthly along with email correspondence as required.
  • SMC Fine Arts Committee                  
    St. Mary’s Colgan Fine Arts committee supports teachers and students in the following areas: Art Department, Debate, Forensics, Library, Theater and Music. We help coordinate and support events in each area as well as provide some financial support. We usually meet once a month during the school year and communicate mostly by email. Being apart of so many different areas, there is a need for many skills and talents.
  • P.T.O. (Parent Teacher Organization)  
    Parent Teacher Organization organization is composed of parents of elementary school students that assist in activities and fundraising for the school. We are the liaison between the parents and teachers. Our group meets every other month on Wednesday evenings. These meetings are attended by the officers of PTO and principal. Communication is done via email, letters sent home to students and Facebook.
  • School Advisory Council                    
    The School Advisory Council consists of eight appointed members and is joined by the school principals and director of school advancement. The members duties are to advise and discuss topics presented on behalf of the school administration and to be a voice in the parishioner and community member capacity. We are not a voting council but advisory. The School Advisory Council meets on the second Wednesday of every month while school is in session from August to May. We communicate mostly through email.