2014-15 School Fees

As stated at the parish family meetings, we are reinstating school fees for the 2014-15 school year. These fees help cover textbooks, workbooks, PowerSchool, School Reach, library software systems, computers and other technology, activity insurance, and other school-related costs. The fee amounts per student are listed below.
                K-6:        $300
                7-8:        $400
                9-12:      $450
The maximum fee amount that any one family will be charged is limited to $1,350.
Students who qualify for free or reduced lunches will have their fees discounted by $100.
Fees statements will be mailed to school families in July and payments will be accepted beginning on Monday, August 4th. We prefer that you pay your entire fee balance by August 14th, 2014 (the first day of school); however, if needed, you may pay 50% of the balance by August 14th and the remaining 50% by September 30th.            

Get The Shoes Out

In conjunction with their 4th Annual 5K and Friendship Walk, the Dylan Meier Get Busy Livin’ (GBL) Foundation has proudly partnered with the Southeast Kansas Recycling, Inc. (SEKR), a regional not-for-profit group based in Pittsburg, to hold a shoe drive. GBL is pledging $1 per pair of shoes donated to support their efforts. If you have shoes to donate, please drop your shoes off in the high school commons by Thursday, April 24th.

Calendar Change for Junior High & High School

Both April 4 and May 2 will be regular school days for junior high and high school students. They will be dismissed at 3:15 on both of these days instead of noon. This is because we exceeded our snow days. The junior high and high school have less days built into their calendar than the elementary due to early out days during finals. The elementary students will still be dismissed at noon on April 4 and May 2.

Academic Eligibility Policy

Wednesday, September 18, the new academic eligibility rule will take effect for the first semester.  Simply put, a grade check will be performed each Wednesday morning.  Any student who is failing a class will be ineligible at least until the next Wednesday.  Any student who is ineligible cannot be reinstated until the next grade check.  This policy applies to participation in all school activities including, but not limited to, all sports, cheer, dance, debate, forensics, theater.  The exact wording of the policy as it is found in the handbook is listed below.

In addition to the KSHSAA eligibility requirements, all students must remain academically eligible by maintaining passing grades in all classes.  Each Wednesday morning an administrator or counselor will generate a report in PowerSchool to identify those students with one or more failing grades.  Beginning with the fifth week of each semester, any student who has one or more failing grades will be ineligible to participate in any extracurricular activity and will remain ineligible until the next grade check.  If the student has raised all grades to passing level his or her eligibility will be restored.  This policy applies to all athletic and spirit squads as well as debate, forensics, theater, art, and music events.  It does not apply to attendance at school events. 



Click here for a  copy of the 2013-2014 Master Schedule for grades 7-12.

Download this file (2013_0717_13-14_Master_Schedule.pdf)2013_0717_13-14_Master_Schedule.pdf [ ] 122 kB


Dear Parents,
In our effort to improve communication between parents and school, St. Mary’s Colgan Schools are implementing a telephone broadcast system that will enable school personnel to notify all households and parents by phone within minutes of an emergency or unplanned event that causes early dismissal, school cancellation or late start.  The service may also be used from time-to-time to communicate general announcements or reminders. This service is provided by SchoolReach, a company specializing in school-to-parent communications.  We will continue to report school closings due to snow or weather on the local TV and radio stations as well as the PowerSchool Daily Bulletin and the parish/school website.  SchoolReach will be used as an overlay to the public announcements.

Read more: SchoolReach

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