In 1981, Our Lady of Lourdes celebrated its centennial anniversary. The opening chapter of the Centennial Souvenir book described the first one hundred years, "The centennial of St. Mary's parish is a celebration of our Catholic Faith. For five generations peoples from all over the world have been settling and working in St. Mary's parish in Pittsburg, KS. The faith has been a beacon of light and a pillar of strength for countless people. They have worked to preserve their faith and to pass it on to the generations following. A desire to pass on our faith and preserve it has been expressed in many ways. Some through buildings, such as our gothic church, St. Mary's Grade School, and Colgan High School. In purely spiritual ways, such as the untold religious services that have been participated in and the endless hours of good works of the parishioners.

"Our parish over these past one hundred years has been blessed beyond reason.  We realize that nothing we have done.

has merited these many spiritual and material blessings. The Lord has been rich in His bounty to us. In comparison to the kindness the Lord has shown us, there is no way that we could ever repay Him for His graciousness, yet we wish to express publicly in these celebrations our deep appreciation.

"Our celebrations, in addition to thanking the Lord, have another purpose. Our centennial is a landmark for the generations that will follow us in the next one hundred years. We want this celebrations to be remembered by our future parishioners. We hope they realize how deeply we love our faith and we want them to know that our prayers are with them as they span another one hundred years.

"Pray for us, future parishioners of St. Mary's."

- Reverend Kenneth J. Melaragno. Assistant Pastor at the time, photo from Centennial Souvenir Book

In 1987, Father Ivan Eck was succeeded by Father William Carr.

In 1988, Father Thomas J. Stroot succeeded Father William Carr.  Father Tom played a large role in the continuing success of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish.  He was at the parish for 21 years upon retirement in 2011. In 1991, Fr. Tom initiated a capital campaign in order to renovate the church and build the new Activity Center. The church was completely renovated in 1991.  The renovation did not include a full restoration, but brought the church back to the beauty which it possessed before the renovation of 1969. The church was rededicated by Bishop Gerber in 1991.

In 1994, the construction of the new Activity Center was completed.

In 1998, the Threshold to Tomorrow was a campaign which added a junior high wing to the high school along with renovations for the high school. 

The grade school which had originally been built in 1924 was in need of updating and many repairs. Thus in 2004, plans were drawn up to build a new elementary school and a field house. The new construction was made possible by the generous donations of donors to never be revealed.  The new school building was ready for occupancy for the 2006-2007 school year.  Upon the completion of the new grade school, the old grade school which stood for 82 years was torn down. In the fall of 2006, Bishop Michael Jackels presided over the formal dedication of the new school and field house.  

At the end of the 2006-2007 school year, plans were announced for a renovation of the high school.  The renovation include a new addition to the high school to serve as a common area.  Renovations included new lockers, some of the class rooms and the high school offices.   

In 2009 on the Feast of Corpus Christi, Our Lady of Lourdes opened the Christ the King adoration chapel in the old convent chapel.  

In 2010, the Edwards Jones office was bought in order to move the parish offices from the rectory.  

The Rectory built in 1949 was in need of many upgrades. In 2010 in order to better serve the future priest of Our Lady of Lourdes, a new rectory was built.  

In June 2011, Father Thomas J. Stroot was succeeded by Father Michael E. Baldwin. 

The Diocese of Wichita finds great need in their future priest to be bilingual.  In 2011, Fr. Mike Simone, the Director of Vocations, decided to establish a Spanish immersion program at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. The seminarians reside in the vacated convent.  In 2012, "That Man Is You" decided to renovate the convent and name it the St. Joseph Suites.