Gift Opportunities

Roof on High School/Junior  High - $$$ URGENT NEED

Each time it rains, buckets are set out in the St. Mary's Colgan High School and St. Mary's Junior High to collect the water. Ceiling tiles get soaked, break and create a mess at the school. The roof has been patched so many times over the years, and the latest report from engineers is to replace the entire roof.  We are dealing with a roof from the original building, an addition to the roof connecting the junior high expansion and yet another new roof connecting the newest high school addition. 

This project is scheduled for Summer 2014 and cost estimate is over $500,000.
SMC Endowment
St. Mary's Colgan Catholic Schools consists of Preschool - 12th grades. Our mission is to provide the best quality education at our Parish schools.  We are growing our school endowment in order to provide long term financial stability for our school.  Donations to this endowment are invested and the principal is not touched, only the interest earned will be used to support the school operations.

Memorial Fund

There is always a desire to increase our Memorial Fund.  When you give to this you are giving to the future.  As our Memorial Fund grows, we are able to draw on the interest and use that for our various needs and expenses.  The more it grows, the greater the interest.  Part of the reason we are where we are today is because of the foresight and generosity of those who set up the Memorial Fund and gave to it.  They gave so that we might bear fruit.  Now it is our turn.  Please consider ensuring the successful future of our parish.

Speaker Series $5,000

Each year we bring in national (sometimes international) speakers to present to our students on such important topics as living our faith, chastity, virtue beyond high school, etc.  Consider helping us to continue bringing top-notch speakers to our youth.
Cost: $5,000 a year

Vans 8-Passenger $25,000

Our school currently owns four 8 passenger vans.  These vehicles are used for transporting students to almost every imaginable type of event; state eco-meet, biology competitions, forensics, debate, dance, cheerleading, track, golf, basketball, etc.  The ‘lowest’ mileage on one of our vans is 152,000 miles!  That is a lot of miles.  Please help keep our school on the road.
Cost: New ½ ton 8 passenger van, $25,000

Special Needs Services $56,000

Historically, parish school have not had the resources to provide the necessary help for students who have unique struggles to learning.  We do not want to turn anyone away from a Catholic education because we cannot provide for their specific learning needs.  Currently we employ several members on staff who focus on providing one on one help to those students who need it.  Please help us to keep this tremendous work afloat.

Many hands make for light work. No amount is too small to give, just designate the cause and together we will accomplish great things!




Gifts of all sizes are greatly appreciated and directly benefit Our Lady of Lourdes, its programs, ministries and services.  All donations should be made out to Our Lady of  Lourdes or the St. Mary's Colgan Catholic Schools.  You may also consider a gift directly to Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Fund.  The goal is to grow this fund as an endowment fund so the interest from it can be used to support our school operations for years.  Unrestricted gifts allow the greatest flexibility and help us meet the greatest needs.  If you choose to restrict a gift, please contact the Frances Mitchelson, Director of Parish Relations to discuss the current priorities.

Donations can mailed to P.O. Box 214, Pittsburg, KS  66762 or dropped off at the Parish Office, 109 East 9th Street. You may also place a donation in the collection basket or drop off at one of the schools.  Please note donation in the memo line. Electronic giving is also available and donations can be made clicking on our online Giving icon.  Your electronic gifts are made from you credit card, checking or saving account.  You designate the fund and the amount of your gift.  All donations are greatly appreciated.

Estates, Trusts and Planned Gifts

Often times our last gift will be our greatest gift. We ask you to consider remembering Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Fund in your will, trust or estate plans.  This is a easy way to help us achieve long term financial stability and allow your donation to help for generations to come after you.  Please prayerfully consider this option and contact the Frances Mitchelson, Director of Parish Relations to discuss your legacy gift options, including life insurance and annuities.

For More Information or Questions

Please contact:
Frances Mitchelson
Director of Parish Relations 
Our Lady of Lourdes
phone:  620.231.2135 
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..