2017 Senior Retreat

To: Parents of Senior Class
On behalf of the faculty and staff at SMC, we would like to inform you of an opportunity in which your child will have the privilege to participate…a senior retreat.
On April 22nd, we have arranged for the senior class to enjoy 24 hours of reflection, fellowship and fun. The purpose is to culminate 12 years of Catholic education by asking the question, “Where do I go from here in keeping God in my life?”
Sky Ranch at Cave Springs in Oklahoma will be the retreat location. Please check their website and see for yourself their fabulous facilities. Students will have the option to choose three fun activities (the only cost to you) not to mention many free games located on site.
A speaker from Ohio and a musician from Texas will help facilitate this event, allowing the students to hear from others outside their classroom.
Chaperones include Haydn Ward, Janice Dellasega and students from PSU Catholic Student Center.
It is our hope that this wonderful opportunity will be met with enthusiasm and a positive spirit. This privilege is both an honor and a responsibility, which we wish to continue from year to year. The same discipline and expectations stated in our handbook apply.

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